Keep property even more secure by expanding the knowledge you have on door locksets and keys. This FAQ page is intended to help you with this. It contains answers to various questions our locksmith professionals are often asked by curious customers. Use it effectively now and in the future.

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Can I repair the lock alone?

It depends on the problem. If it's clear to you that the door doesn't lock well because the strike plate is loose and it will only take you a few minutes to tighten the screws to fix the problem, then it's alright to fix the lock on your own. For greater problems or if you are unsure, prefer trusting lock repair to our technicians.

Are locks of different doors different?

There are always some variations among locks designed for main doors, furniture, sliding doors or emergency exits. They will even determine how the door will open – take for example the knob or lever handle locks. Sliding doors might have push buttons and a rod extending upwards and downwards. Choose the locks in accordance to the door.

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