Automotive Keys

Automotive Keys

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If you haven’t purchased a car recently, you may not be familiar with all of the various types of automotive keys that are available today. There are now transponder keys, key fobs, smart keys, VATS and more. These types of keys are designed with only one or two cutting methods, traditional mechanical cut and laser cut. The most widely used keys are the mechanical cut keys. A standard cutting machine, commonly used by locksmiths, is used to make mechanical automotive keys. Laser key cutting began at the end of the 20th century. There are security advantages offered by the laser cut key, which do not exist with your standard mechanical cut key. You will find that new cars are designed with the use of a laser cut key in mind. A lock cylinder makes it difficult for a laser cut key to be picked and the software used, make it hard for them to be duplicated.Automotive Keys

Types of Automotive Keys

One of the most commonly used types of keys, in addition to the standard key, is the transponder key. This key has a microchip in it, which helps motorists avoid key fraud. This type of key can be cut mechanically or with a laser. The cut of a transponder key is determined by the make and model of the car. A smart key is another popular option offered today. With this type of key, motorists are able to unlock and even start their car, from wherever they are. No physical key needs to be inserted in the door or ignition in order to work. The smart key has a microchip and sensor in it, which enables you to access your car.

Benefit of an Automotive Locksmith

Some people may insist on going to the dealership if they lose their key or need an additional key made. The biggest advantage of using an automotive locksmith is cost. Locksmiths will come to your location to replace your key. This minimizes the expense of having your car towed to a dealership. Also, going into a dealership often means waiting for someone to attend to you. When you rely on a locksmith, you do not have to wait, since you are the only person they are attending to at your location.

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